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FC Barcelona

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Memphis Depay is in Barcelona. The club’s new signing arrived in the Catalan capital on Monday, following the announcement of his transfer on June 19. In the morning he underwent some medical exams at the Barcelona Hospital. Later in the day, Memphis visited Barça Studios to film some content, the Museum, the Barça Store and the Barça Café, thus completing a 100% blaugrana first day at his new club.

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FC Barcelona
FC Barcelona 4 dagar sedan
👇 Every like is a Memphis goal this season
Raniyah Wazirali
Raniyah Wazirali 8 timmar sedan
Nice 1500 goals
To ReĐa
To ReĐa 2 dagar sedan
GGGamer 2 dagar sedan
This comment already got 1,4k likes so He must score that many goals ;) :)
Ali Xansuvarlı
Ali Xansuvarlı 2 dagar sedan
18 goals
PRR Revanth Reddy
PRR Revanth Reddy 2 dagar sedan
Where is the real one "Lion Messi"
Senjoeadv 34 minuter sedan
Imagine how scary the barca's front line
Kevin Alvarez
Kevin Alvarez 2 timmar sedan
Barcelona: que número quieres para tu camiseta? Memphis: el 13 Barcelona: 13?, pero si ese número es para port... Memphis: entre más me la mamas más me crece, trolleo hermano
Tu Canal SD
Tu Canal SD 2 timmar sedan
que fea bienvenida toda aburrida, si no fuece por la musica de fondo habria sido fatal, de echo creo que ya se esta arrepintiendo. su cara lo dice xd
najmuddin hussin
najmuddin hussin 3 timmar sedan
Islam is true religion.
Tjalle Talma
Tjalle Talma 4 timmar sedan
Lekker memphis samen met frenkie barca kampioen maken Nederland laat je horen
zake tttr
zake tttr 5 timmar sedan
4:34-4:40 uuuerhem Memphis i see you😏.
Suara Fals Channel
Suara Fals Channel 5 timmar sedan
Ch3ralie 7 timmar sedan
Look at this team without Messi🐐 💔
SENSEI 7 timmar sedan
Next season will be interesting good lucj to all barça players inchallah betwafik❤❤
Graeme McTaggart
Graeme McTaggart 8 timmar sedan
Kan ie zelf de autodeuren niet open en dicht doen ?
Spaniel ACE
Spaniel ACE 10 timmar sedan
Messi, Agüero , Memphis. What an attack that will be
siva kumar
siva kumar 10 timmar sedan
All da best Memphis..United Fan
teman_palsu 12 timmar sedan
I think he's a rapper not a football player
Sam_Voetbal_Ajax 13 timmar sedan
The question is what for number get he
Cain Heij
Cain Heij 15 timmar sedan
Dutch rap😂
Xelaki 17 timmar sedan
just imagine this attack....... Depay, Aguero, griezmann and messi. damn this year will be fine as hell
Subhajit Mahapatra
Subhajit Mahapatra 21 timme sedan
What is the name of the background song???
Ramkraak rachid
Ramkraak rachid Dag sedan
Rosegarline Dorcéus
Rosegarline Dorcéus Dag sedan
My favorite team🔥🔥🔥😘😘
Aboobacker Kh
Aboobacker Kh Dag sedan
Come back FC Barcelona ⚡️
Raúl Hernández
Raúl Hernández Dag sedan
Deberían renombrar al barça café como barçafe
Асылхан Джумагулов
Асылхан Джумагулов Dag sedan
Fati. Aguero. Messi Depay De jong. Pedri Alba Pique. Garcia Dest ter Stegen
Juan David Tovar cadena
Juan David Tovar cadena Dag sedan
nadie yo: Algún día mi balón de oro estará en el barca
juniorcar 866
juniorcar 866 Dag sedan
o certo e fazer contrato de 6 meses eo tempo que o barça suporta jogado
Daniela Correia
Daniela Correia Dag sedan
Qui veux Jackson
Qui veux Jackson Dag sedan
I can’t wait to chapiona start
Jasonbozz7 Dag sedan
Psg and Barca will be in the UCL Final
Nxydiau Ktso6zls
Nxydiau Ktso6zls Dag sedan
Kelimanjaro Dag sedan
Can't believe Messi is about to play with the GOAT Memphis 🧢🧢
يوسف ابو اسماء
يوسف ابو اسماء Dag sedan
Babydragon Dag sedan
He is so happy
Per07 Dag sedan
ff'ing overrated are you all blind or stupid, or both?
Laviero Cuccaro
Laviero Cuccaro Dag sedan
grande Menphis. visca barca dall'italia!!!!!
T. Sagriang Sangriang
T. Sagriang Sangriang Dag sedan
Maphis no11
Sathar Sathu
Sathar Sathu Dag sedan
ബാർസലോണ കേരള ഫാൻസ് ഇവിടെ
To ReĐa
To ReĐa 2 dagar sedan
MLBB Gaming
MLBB Gaming 2 dagar sedan
Yoo my idol!
Phillip 2 dagar sedan
anyone know the song in this video?
JokeGame 2 dagar sedan
Lionel Messi
Lionel Messi 2 dagar sedan
Barca fans are so deluded . PSG will be winning Champions League
Joaquin Lopez
Joaquin Lopez 2 dagar sedan
Vamos mempis
Rumah Triplek
Rumah Triplek 2 dagar sedan
Memphis = Holand's Neymar
Bona Fay
Bona Fay 2 dagar sedan
😂😂😂😂Por esto barcelona no gana ni ganara mas nada traen a cualquier jugador del monton.
mikerr 2 dagar sedan
Pro Gamer
Pro Gamer 2 dagar sedan
We have AGUERO now , we didn't need Memphis Depay
Richie _23
Richie _23 Dag sedan
Memphis is a left winger, not a center forward like aguero, thats his natural position with the dutch national team since 2014 and his season with manchester united
TopNL 2 dagar sedan
Dat liedje nog nooit gehoord
Ankit Kumar
Ankit Kumar 2 dagar sedan
5:53 appears to be just randomly scribbling😂
Kekke Wezel
Kekke Wezel 2 dagar sedan
Ah yes, important business 1. Hold the shirt 2. Physical test 3. Meet some of the staff 4. Learn how to use the coffee machine
W Studio
W Studio 2 dagar sedan
loketo mark yeptho
loketo mark yeptho 2 dagar sedan
Can't wait for the next season to start.
An Di11
An Di11 2 dagar sedan
Keren mepis
kevinjoker 035
kevinjoker 035 2 dagar sedan
You had to come to Juve
Amna Belhadj
Amna Belhadj 2 dagar sedan
1:20 Dembele's house😍
Ironrion Iron
Ironrion Iron 2 dagar sedan
Welcome to barca Memphis.. 👏👏
Rickertt 2 dagar sedan
Is his player number already announced?
Hasan Dadouch
Hasan Dadouch Dag sedan
No but I think he's getting 17
Borey King
Borey King 2 dagar sedan
We needed More talent on the wings ion think Memphis is tht talent we needed tbh
alexander YT
alexander YT 2 dagar sedan
Que dorsal usara
Football Account3
Football Account3 2 dagar sedan
Can't wait to watch Messi eat all his goals
Wessel van Daalen
Wessel van Daalen 2 dagar sedan
What’s that song?
Michael Baptiswa
Michael Baptiswa 2 dagar sedan
What’s his car?
Furat Ammar
Furat Ammar 2 dagar sedan
رسمياً ديباي ابن الكتلون 😎😎😎😎
Noval Permana
Noval Permana 2 dagar sedan
Indi sendiri
Ahmad Hakimi
Ahmad Hakimi 2 dagar sedan
Wealth Chidi
Wealth Chidi 2 dagar sedan
Welcome to FC Barcelona Memphis 👏👏👏👏
Dima Sirbu
Dima Sirbu 2 dagar sedan
To many atackers
Messi Mohan
Messi Mohan 2 dagar sedan
One and only 10 🙏 Messi 🙏 miss u Messi 😥😭😭😭😭
Raphael Harringer
Raphael Harringer 2 dagar sedan
our attack 🔥
Jurian 2 dagar sedan
3:33 nice music ;)
Ridoy haque
Ridoy haque 2 dagar sedan
All's well that end's well..Barca have to do their best at the end
pelipe coutinho
pelipe coutinho 2 dagar sedan
Clown jersey ,its very bad
Roel YT
Roel YT 2 dagar sedan
De Nederlandse comment die je zocht
Nicholas Van Tuijn
Nicholas Van Tuijn 2 dagar sedan
today the day of his presentation
Subhayan Haque
Subhayan Haque 2 dagar sedan
1:00 which car brand is this?
Abdul Mohsin
Abdul Mohsin 2 dagar sedan
Why does he look a lot like neymars brother
Carlos M
Carlos M 2 dagar sedan
Tiene flow el señor Depay.
Арсений Барса
Арсений Барса 2 dagar sedan
Я тоже в том магазине был! Там хоть и дорого но я купил комплект и на с зади написал свою фамилию и номер 10!❤💙
Radar Bumi
Radar Bumi 2 dagar sedan
Memphis fight Pique....wkwk
Alex 2 dagar sedan
7 second chellenge with depay and dest or de jong :)))
Harry J Kinging, MD
Harry J Kinging, MD 2 dagar sedan
Hope he doesn't turn out to be trash
ambesh karanjit
ambesh karanjit 2 dagar sedan
Wahyuarismun 2 dagar sedan
Wahyu Reza
Wahyu Reza 2 dagar sedan
Welcome Memphis depay ❤️💙💜
Gaming Arootan
Gaming Arootan 2 dagar sedan
Messi go to city
Jefferson Castillo Salvador
Jefferson Castillo Salvador 2 dagar sedan
Vengo del futuro y Memphis se va a lecionar toda la temporada
Vivek Rawat
Vivek Rawat 2 dagar sedan
7th ballon d'Or Incoming ⚽
WoozyMan 2 dagar sedan
Hope he releases a new song
Choudhary Hussain
Choudhary Hussain 3 dagar sedan
Hi,s thinking 50 percent trophy 🏆 of Barca & 50 percent trophy of messi
최동혁 3 dagar sedan
We have so many players now, we dont need 38 players in our spuad. We need to sell Umtiti, Lenglet, Pjanic, Braithwaite, Dembele, Coutinho and give more chances to youngstar. We dont have money to give salaries to them
Rishav Bose
Rishav Bose 3 dagar sedan
Messi Agüero Depay🙏🙏🙏🙏. We will win the champions League next season🏆.
White Sss Ooh
White Sss Ooh 3 dagar sedan
It ll be more interesting if you tell the truth of genocide in palestine iraq yemen syria libya by usa n the west
Basem Enam
Basem Enam 3 dagar sedan
well deserved move memphis , had to do it the hard way
Calum MacDougall
Calum MacDougall 3 dagar sedan
I am very excited about Memphis.
حسام حسام
حسام حسام 3 dagar sedan
Bojan Ciconkov
Bojan Ciconkov 3 dagar sedan
Azla. 3 dagar sedan
я фан реала но очень рад за депая)
maria marino
maria marino 3 dagar sedan
Welcome Pempins
Moi on Fifa
Moi on Fifa 3 dagar sedan
I like the trophy cabinet
Frederiek Phetla
Frederiek Phetla 3 dagar sedan
Did anyone notice how Memphis be lookin at the chick at 0:11- 0:14 🤧😂😂
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