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FC Barcelona

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With a week's training under their belts, Ronald Koeman's squad began their second week of preseason work at the Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper in preparations for the two friendlies coming up on Wednesday against Nàstic de Tarragona (kick off 7pm CEST) and Saturday against Girona FC (kick off 7pm CEST) with both games to be played at the Estadi Johan Cruyff.

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Programation Tutorial C-C#
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pique jardi alba bosquete leave barcelona i love barcelona but this player is disaster
Albert Cruz Sanchez
Albert Cruz Sanchez 2 dagar sedan
sophie 3 dagar sedan
pique looks so weird without a beard
sadio Dembele
sadio Dembele 3 dagar sedan
Sports Central
Sports Central 3 dagar sedan
Visca el Barca❤️
BROTHERS CORNER 3 dagar sedan
Get renato Sanchez
Castellano Chi parla castigliano
Castellano Chi parla castigliano 3 dagar sedan
F Trinçao :'(
Anders M.
Anders M. 3 dagar sedan
Riqui Puig always looks 🔥 in training
Q & A Football
Q & A Football 3 dagar sedan
still waiting for pjanic first goal for barca 💙❤️😌
Posuckssssss 3 dagar sedan
Give rest to Pedri first 3/4 match and start with Riqui he is really doing great in training he deserves
Christo Tomy
Christo Tomy 3 dagar sedan
For each trophy we win this season, i am going to change my girlfriend
Frank diego
Frank diego 3 dagar sedan
No puede ser que Sergi Roberto este jugando para el Barcelona es más malo yo quiero lo mejor para mí Barcelona ....
souleymane mbaye
souleymane mbaye 4 dagar sedan
Alejandro Balde y Alex Collado, ficha de primer equipo, porfavor!!
Sako Emirzian
Sako Emirzian 4 dagar sedan
where is messi?!
spanish kat
spanish kat 4 dagar sedan
Koeman seguirá como técnico, otra temporada en la banca para Riqui Puig.
Gulf St
Gulf St 4 dagar sedan
My ears are bleeding listening to this soundtrack 🙉 . *Mute - *Drake meme 💀
Adrian Waullenbach
Adrian Waullenbach 4 dagar sedan
Guys, I dont know what this music is, but it's not working
Daniel Preuninger
Daniel Preuninger 4 dagar sedan
Forca Barca 💜👍😍😊
Ayman Alneser
Ayman Alneser 4 dagar sedan
YO yo
YO yo 4 dagar sedan
Preparations r going well
Chirag Gera
Chirag Gera 4 dagar sedan
Can somebody explain what's the concept with the training game? People in yellow and green bibs and then in normal jerseys. Which side are the yellow ones on?
souvik debnath
souvik debnath 4 dagar sedan
Collado, Messi, depay, greizman, fati, demebele, Barca can scare Europe this time if there is a game plan.
Mdsn E B
Mdsn E B 4 dagar sedan
Where is Messi😭😭☹
Τασος Δουμας
Τασος Δουμας 4 dagar sedan
Where is Messi?
ROSHAN SAPKAL 4 dagar sedan
Is neto still with us ?
Younis Khan
Younis Khan 4 dagar sedan
We ready for tomorrow's game💯🔥
rocky 4 dagar sedan
Them training hard Messi: chiling at home the comes and just left them laying dow
AK.R7 RIEZU 4 dagar sedan
Alguien igual que yo ha visto el tiro de fondo de sergi roberto a principios de video? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Om zo Ka
Om zo Ka 4 dagar sedan
Kristina Thapa
Kristina Thapa 4 dagar sedan
Messi is in barcelona
mr. aswin
mr. aswin 4 dagar sedan
Where is the king ? 🦌
Shaurya Saxena
Shaurya Saxena 4 dagar sedan
Can they also train how to defend against counter attacks?
•ENISA• 🌸 4 dagar sedan
We're gonna win everything this season 💙❤🔥 Visca Barca 💙❤🔥
ZoobaF09 4 dagar sedan
I love barcelona
Mohammad Rajabi
Mohammad Rajabi 4 dagar sedan
Stalker T
Stalker T 4 dagar sedan
they learn from previous season .
Данил Пархомчук
Данил Пархомчук 4 dagar sedan
Русские есть ?
Jack Júnior
Jack Júnior 4 dagar sedan
We need Defenders, yet!
Sedorf Bagaskara
Sedorf Bagaskara 4 dagar sedan
I want to see Pedri
Ehsan Noroozi
Ehsan Noroozi 4 dagar sedan
Iam a good goalkeeper and I have been a Barça fan since I was born.❤💙
Abdrahman Dinasil
Abdrahman Dinasil 4 dagar sedan
If Messi leaves barca ,who will be a captain?
To ReĐa
To ReĐa 4 dagar sedan
*Barca 💙🇮🇶❤*
Zəkəryə Official Zəkəryəbəyli
Zəkəryə Official Zəkəryəbəyli 4 dagar sedan
Ahmad Izham
Ahmad Izham 4 dagar sedan
Please don’t put any music in the next video. It kind of ruined the video 🙁
Sweat Steak
Sweat Steak 4 dagar sedan
Why griezzmann-saul swap why not griezzmann-suarez swap huh🌎?
Arnau Sansano Pascual
Arnau Sansano Pascual 4 dagar sedan
Esforzaos!! 💪🏻💪🏻💙❤️
Lionel Etoughé
Lionel Etoughé 4 dagar sedan
After we will disapointed with this team this season but we are already used to.
LilJulez 4 dagar sedan
1:02 Demir🔥🔥🔥
Rafik_ bht
Rafik_ bht 4 dagar sedan
Renato sanches to Barça ❤️💙
Iván Ferrer
Iván Ferrer 4 dagar sedan
Piqué parece el padre de todos jaja, siempre en el barco del presi Piqué.
Joker 7
Joker 7 4 dagar sedan
Stop the music smh
Rahul Halder
Rahul Halder 4 dagar sedan
Can't wait to see Alex playing for barça first team 😍💙❤️
Vignesh Vergil
Vignesh Vergil 4 dagar sedan
I hurt ma eyes seeing pique Roberto 🤦🏽‍♂️. Might get blind when lenglet comes in. Fucking sick of this barca
B1aZe Clipz
B1aZe Clipz 4 dagar sedan
Cmon sergi!
Noleen Peake
Noleen Peake 4 dagar sedan
PK don't care about the club,why doesn't he & all incompetent old bones just make way for the youth.
Leo Julin
Leo Julin 4 dagar sedan
The pass from Dest in the end was 🔥
MOHAMMED BASIL 4 dagar sedan
Depay joined training❓❓❓
pusanisa 4 dagar sedan
We are more than the club!
Shahir1395 4 dagar sedan
what's the point of practicing shooting this much in training if we never shoot from more that 6 yards out
Mohammad hosien Pashaie
Mohammad hosien Pashaie 4 dagar sedan
616Aaryan Sonkar
616Aaryan Sonkar 4 dagar sedan
Collado scoring against nastic
Noob Gaming life
Noob Gaming life 4 dagar sedan
barca is life now
JAMIE GM 4 dagar sedan
Dest is really putting in the work
Ramadhani Arya Laksana
Ramadhani Arya Laksana 4 dagar sedan
Focus on Yusuf Demir please
Mangkho Kipgen
Mangkho Kipgen 4 dagar sedan
Eagerly waiting for the match
The Realm
The Realm 4 dagar sedan
n our pressing.. We are good on the ball and bad off the ball
Áron Dávid Világi
Áron Dávid Világi 4 dagar sedan
This training also shows that Riqui is just anohter level. But Koeman doesn't like him so never mind.
Q & A Football
Q & A Football 2 dagar sedan
@Aishwarya Mujawdiya wait then if he's enjoying his time at barca even tho he could get that time somewhere else, why are people complaining. like yeah it's nice to see him play but if he's fine with staying why are we making a massive deal about it?
Aishwarya Mujawdiya
Aishwarya Mujawdiya 2 dagar sedan
@Q & A Football he rejected their offers in the first place. Then why they would be pursuing him?
Anders M.
Anders M. 3 dagar sedan
@TheShreking so he should get 0 minutes then? Also reports say there has been plenty of interest especially from EPL but he turned them all down. Last season as well
Q & A Football
Q & A Football 3 dagar sedan
@Aishwarya Mujawdiya if those clubs were truly serious about it they would pursue hard. but it just seems like they would want him as a backup or something which could arguably be better than his current situation but maybe not. so just chill ok? no need to say stfu for no reason
Aishwarya Mujawdiya
Aishwarya Mujawdiya 4 dagar sedan
@TheShreking and He has received from getafe, granada, a host of serie-a teams and a couple of pl teams. So stfu.
dimzow 4 dagar sedan
is ansu back in training??
Nandu GP
Nandu GP 4 dagar sedan
Pique looks cool in clean shave.
GotinPichaga123 XD
GotinPichaga123 XD 4 dagar sedan
I hope Collado , Nico and the other youth players to make impact , so koeman uses them .
My Crafts
My Crafts 4 dagar sedan
Laporta ouuuuuutttttttt Roberto ouuuuuuuuuگریزمن فقط عشقه
My Crafts
My Crafts 4 dagar sedan
Grizmann ok Messi out exit
lim ah teck
lim ah teck 4 dagar sedan
whos that keeper why so shit
Anas Faisal
Anas Faisal 4 dagar sedan
Is yusuf demir in the vid?
jobson eldhose
jobson eldhose 4 dagar sedan
I want to join barca
ChokoBest 4 dagar sedan
Agüero in Barça ??
Aditya Pandey
Aditya Pandey 4 dagar sedan
Messi GOAT
GoldenClovds 4 dagar sedan
God may you bless our team & prevent any injuries this season so we can be the best this season 🔥❤️💙❤️
Mauricio Sierra Luna
Mauricio Sierra Luna 4 dagar sedan
And..... Antoine ? ☹
축클 4 dagar sedan
Creep 4 dagar sedan
I feel bad for Pjanic. He's a great player, he should sign for another club as soon as possible.
bogdan 07
bogdan 07 4 dagar sedan
He is shit,he had playtime but was invisible
رسول كمال
رسول كمال 4 dagar sedan
Josh Davidson
Josh Davidson 4 dagar sedan
Puig ❤️🚀
Cornea Ionut
Cornea Ionut 4 dagar sedan
Not Griezmann atletico , not Griezmann atletico, not Griezmann atletico, not Griezmann atletico
rendra 4 dagar sedan
Please give collado play
Moha b official
Moha b official 4 dagar sedan
Barcelona legends good job 🙏🙏🙏☑️
Muhammed Aouf
Muhammed Aouf 4 dagar sedan
Miss leo 😢
Arun Paul
Arun Paul 4 dagar sedan
I love you barça ❤️
Santiago official10
Santiago official10 4 dagar sedan
Alex colado🤩🤩🤩
Joseph S Chiramal
Joseph S Chiramal 4 dagar sedan
Waiting for third kit 💙❤️💙
Leo Mourinho
Leo Mourinho 4 dagar sedan
Messi Kng 👑👑👑👑👑👑 7th soon
Roo Ambers
Roo Ambers 4 dagar sedan
The determination n focus they are giving out this time is really goood....I'm happy to see them training so hard. Vamos Barca ...u can do it!!
Bạch Vương
Bạch Vương 4 dagar sedan
Me when i see Roberto : Ahhh shit, here we go again
Jason Jasper
Jason Jasper 4 dagar sedan
All the new players will crumble under the shadow of Messi
Gonzo pubg
Gonzo pubg 4 dagar sedan
Hello trninga omad 💪💪
Naman Shrivastava
Naman Shrivastava 4 dagar sedan
Sell Roberto 🙏
CULÉR ULTIMA 4 dagar sedan
the intensity of training has definitely gone up since those setien days 👍
Vidhan Sharma
Vidhan Sharma 4 dagar sedan
Barçelona Is My Life ,My Home ❤️. MésQueUnClub.❤️ BarçaForever ...ForçaBarça✊💪🔥I would Feel Lucky if u reply me Barcelona 🙏🙂And Give a Like ❤️
CULÉR ULTIMA 4 dagar sedan
1:44 balde vs dest 🔥🔥
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