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FC Barcelona

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Sunday brought the fifth and final workout of the first week back for Ronald Koeman and his players at the Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper. With a number of Barça B players joining the senior squad again.


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FC Barcelona
FC Barcelona 7 dagar sedan
Subscribe if your name starts with B… If not, do it as well 🤪
Arshvid Joseph
Arshvid Joseph 5 dagar sedan
Plz reply to me I am a messi and Barcelona fan over 5 years 😭
SPENDER MAN 5 dagar sedan
Haidar Sadeq
Haidar Sadeq 6 dagar sedan
To ReĐa
To ReĐa 6 dagar sedan
Bonaventure Shankaya
Bonaventure Shankaya 6 dagar sedan
U said???🔥🔥🔥🔥
Zəkəryə Official Zəkəryəbəyli
Zəkəryə Official Zəkəryəbəyli Dag sedan
We Are Chelsea
We Are Chelsea 4 dagar sedan
Collado ❤️💙
Arnau Sansano Pascual
Arnau Sansano Pascual 4 dagar sedan
Vamos Barça entrenad duro!! 💪🏻💙❤️
Leo Julin
Leo Julin 4 dagar sedan
Dest looking 🔥
NateLion - HouseTours
NateLion - HouseTours 5 dagar sedan
DAY 4: Barcelona seem motivated enough for the new season!
YussuF asmer
YussuF asmer 5 dagar sedan
I ma Barcelona fun i love most of them exam Braitwite i hate him he's loser he can't be like Suares so he should to leave the team right now we've many strikers Depay Aguaro Messi Gurizzman and Etc so we don't need him he should get out🤒😒😡
Sergi Fernández
Sergi Fernández 5 dagar sedan
Griezmann out
Abdullah Amir
Abdullah Amir 5 dagar sedan
Messi signs a new contract wow
najaf jaffery
najaf jaffery 5 dagar sedan
Riqui The Magic 😻😻
PES Everyday
PES Everyday 5 dagar sedan
Barcelona EVERYDAY 🔥
Biallity Syrti
Biallity Syrti 5 dagar sedan
Common my favourite football club Barcelona I will keep supporting you and all the best for these coming season 👍👍👍
S40 Blogs
S40 Blogs 5 dagar sedan
Jari bersabda
Jari bersabda 5 dagar sedan
0:05 Yusuf Demir.!?
Samarth Khator
Samarth Khator 5 dagar sedan
All the best
SPENDER MAN 5 dagar sedan
Griezmann 😭
Warrior king
Warrior king 5 dagar sedan
Love Barça from Honduras
lator 6 dagar sedan
Collado is cooking. 👀
Hazel mayely Balladares castillo
Hazel mayely Balladares castillo 6 dagar sedan
Bisca barsa bisca cataluña 😎💯💥👏👏👏
Cheikhouna Sourang
Cheikhouna Sourang 6 dagar sedan
thiago mrs
thiago mrs 6 dagar sedan
Dia 1 pidiendo mas minutos para puig 👌
Nathan Tomlinson
Nathan Tomlinson 6 dagar sedan
Collado, Ansu,Puig,Nico,Demir, Pena, Balde, Araujo, Mingueza, Pedri, Dest, Garcia, Gavi, Comas and Mingos are all exceptional talents.. For the first time since the Pep era the future of La masia and Barcelona looks very bright. Excited for the next season.. Love from Kingston, Jamaic.. Un Crit Valent.. ForcaBarca ❤️
N 6 dagar sedan
Really excited to see Collado!
kevin aponte
kevin aponte 6 dagar sedan
El Milan debería llevarse a contiho
Werley Menezes
Werley Menezes 6 dagar sedan
Collado. Vamooooos
Mutila Chanda
Mutila Chanda 6 dagar sedan
Okay that first play with two fighting to get the ball was SLICK 🔥
Walter Muchanga
Walter Muchanga 6 dagar sedan
Michael Kebede
Michael Kebede 6 dagar sedan
vi free
vi free 6 dagar sedan
Dest the Best
kid leroy
kid leroy 6 dagar sedan
please help me I don't know which team to support between barcelona and atletico
Robin 6 dagar sedan
Murshed Mahi
Murshed Mahi 6 dagar sedan
What are this umtiti, lenglet doing here in barcelona?
Cheikh Tidiane Ndiaye
Cheikh Tidiane Ndiaye 6 dagar sedan
Notre jeu manque de rigueur ces 3 dernière année. Il faut remédier à cela
Nbabboy 06
Nbabboy 06 6 dagar sedan
Amadoukingmbaye 7
Amadoukingmbaye 7 6 dagar sedan
Griezmann barca please Ronald
Mark apolo
Mark apolo 6 dagar sedan
Fix the defense 🥺
M. Sal
M. Sal 6 dagar sedan
Alex Collado 🔥🔥🔥❤
ITZ_RTG 6 dagar sedan
Ive seen Barcelona since the age of 4 soo im now 15 and i still support this club since the bad times they had and now im feeling confident we will win titles Visca Barca 💪🏼❤️💙
truth riser
truth riser 6 dagar sedan
yusuf demir is a big talent
Kabi Kabi
Kabi Kabi 6 dagar sedan
Ansu Escobar Collado Puig Jandro Pedri Balde Mingueza Garcia Dest Inaki Pena _Xavi
To ReĐa
To ReĐa 6 dagar sedan
DHEERAJ TELUGU 6 dagar sedan
Pjanic and umtiti looks so composed this season
_fazliddin_04 6 dagar sedan
Can we win UCL in the next season ??
Farrel Odjo
Farrel Odjo 6 dagar sedan
Riqui is so smooth with the ball 😍😍💥
messilapulga=0 6 dagar sedan
Barcelona me pueden mandar un saludo en mi cumple años?saludos desde mexico!!!🇲🇽🇲🇽
ha. sa. 9
ha. sa. 9 6 dagar sedan
Come on us to win the Champions League 🔵🔴👍🏼
Diabé Fall
Diabé Fall 6 dagar sedan
Yusuf demir💙❤️🥶
Pronabjyoti Chetia
Pronabjyoti Chetia 6 dagar sedan
Barça kept Riqui for advertisement at their social media platforms coz they know fans have special place for him in their hearts but in field he hardly get playtime.
Adhil Mohammed
Adhil Mohammed 6 dagar sedan
por favor selsect en barcelona iam 12 años mi gran sueño
Adhil Mohammed
Adhil Mohammed 6 dagar sedan
Pls select me from barcelona My big dream pls
Samuga Nanban
Samuga Nanban 6 dagar sedan
We need champios league trophy not laliga we had that enough
Fateh Hazali
Fateh Hazali 6 dagar sedan
Why Jandro doesnt get the call up to train with the first team? Is he injured?
Muhammad Fahri
Muhammad Fahri 6 dagar sedan
Kok Eric garcia, Emerson, Aguero, depay gak ketok
Khaled Alqahtani
Khaled Alqahtani 6 dagar sedan
Let’s win everything this season especially champions league 😍
Arjun vp
Arjun vp 6 dagar sedan
Sarif Hasan
Sarif Hasan 6 dagar sedan
Fcb need some quality headers
Ganesh Lama
Ganesh Lama 6 dagar sedan
Fuck this club make a school 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Ganesh Lama
Ganesh Lama 6 dagar sedan
8 goals haaa🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Adithya Dev
Adithya Dev 6 dagar sedan
Sign Christian Romero
حسین راستگو
حسین راستگو 6 dagar sedan
Albin k jojan
Albin k jojan 6 dagar sedan
Albin k jojan
Albin k jojan 6 dagar sedan
Albin k jojan
Albin k jojan 6 dagar sedan
Albin k jojan
Albin k jojan 6 dagar sedan
Albin k jojan
Albin k jojan 6 dagar sedan
Albin k jojan
Albin k jojan 6 dagar sedan
grape juice guap-papi
grape juice guap-papi 6 dagar sedan
Interesting to see Koeman having Dest play left back. Getting him used to it already in case he's to play Alba's back up. Smart move. Dest is getting the hang of it nicely.
Hernan Sandoval monzon
Hernan Sandoval monzon 6 dagar sedan
Fichen defensas
Sariny_ aa
Sariny_ aa 6 dagar sedan
vamos Força Barça
forget it
forget it 6 dagar sedan
I bet on demir, if he get enough chances on the first team. He will be one of our promising youngsters
صلاح اوغلو
صلاح اوغلو 6 dagar sedan
برشلونة 😻😻😻😻 Barcelona 😻😻😻😻😻
canh tran
canh tran 6 dagar sedan
You brought me in with singing
mytigerscorpiogirl 6 dagar sedan
Riqui Puig and Alex Collado looking sharp! 👍
Rahul Kumar
Rahul Kumar 6 dagar sedan
Collado, Puig and dest are beast 🔥🔥
Fahmida Akter Shimu
Fahmida Akter Shimu 6 dagar sedan
Team will win Insha Allah
Tuhin subhra Bhattacharyya
Tuhin subhra Bhattacharyya 6 dagar sedan
I am not at all excited for the next season until u r taking actions against Dembele,Umiti,Couthinó Pjanic, Busquets, Roberto and Jordi Alba
Ramadhani Ulfan
Ramadhani Ulfan 6 dagar sedan
Love barca from Indonesia
Sarthak uprety
Sarthak uprety 6 dagar sedan
Can i have a heart please❤️
Myanmar Wise
Myanmar Wise 6 dagar sedan
Waiting For Messi
canh tran
canh tran 6 dagar sedan
Reflecting on the couple's childhood days
Gaming with Victor
Gaming with Victor 6 dagar sedan
Only Barcelona is the team who can win la liga 🔥🔥
Rafi Catur
Rafi Catur 6 dagar sedan
is that yusuf? he's play with senior??
TClan J Topsom
TClan J Topsom 7 dagar sedan
Fc barcelona is a racist anti semitic club that has brought politics into the game. I will never support a club that supports terrorists over the game. Disgusting
MON 7 dagar sedan
Riqui ❤️
new 7 dagar sedan
umtiti better stop playing and retire
Putri Batlayeri
Putri Batlayeri 7 dagar sedan
best of football
best of football 7 dagar sedan
Road to triple 2022 Vamos barça❤❤❤
Krenzaxk Sipali
Krenzaxk Sipali 7 dagar sedan
Puig si kecil
Ahmad Zaydan
Ahmad Zaydan 7 dagar sedan
You gotta make these videos longer .. i miss the team ❤️
📲Uga'Oss'💎 7 dagar sedan
Visca Barça🔵🔴✅👏👏👏👏
John Blessed
John Blessed 7 dagar sedan
The pandemic has only exposed how poorly Bartomeu was running our club, all our players should take wage cuts or reduce their wages because a lot of them have been over paid to fail our club and fans for too many seasons now. 😒
ibrahima bhoye ba
ibrahima bhoye ba 7 dagar sedan
Les gars, si je peux me permettre de faire une prévision, je dirais que yusuf démir aura sa place en équipe première cette année ou au plus tard l'année prochaine
MOHMD RISHAD 7 dagar sedan
Iam sure We will win because we have so many powerful player🥰🐐
Simo Zbir
Simo Zbir 7 dagar sedan
Simo Zbir
Simo Zbir 7 dagar sedan
antonio sciaraffia muller
antonio sciaraffia muller 7 dagar sedan
حسين الطائي
حسين الطائي 7 dagar sedan
Give my guy puig a chance
Bouchentouf Wajdi
Bouchentouf Wajdi 7 dagar sedan
fiska barsa
İťž Cľäššïc JR-II
İťž Cľäššïc JR-II 7 dagar sedan
Mabrouk kelementwara
Mabrouk kelementwara 7 dagar sedan
Who came up with this training kit?
Mabrouk kelementwara
Mabrouk kelementwara 6 dagar sedan
@Emily Zhang of course it's Nike, they are not looking good
Emily Zhang
Emily Zhang 7 dagar sedan
Oleksandr Shubert null
Oleksandr Shubert null 7 dagar sedan
¡¡¡¡¡Vamosss a por los 12K!!!!! 💙❤️⚽🥅🥇🏟️
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